Willett Distillery was one of our favorite discoveries during our trip to Louisville last week. I used their Old Bardstown Bourbon, which is a blend of their bourbon line, to mix up these riffs on the Seelbach Hotel’s Minted Gold. I couldn’t find a recipe online, so used this approximation: 50 ml bourbon, 20 ml apple juice, 1 tsp honey simple syrup, 80 ml ginger beer, mint. Next time I think I will bump up the honey simple syrup a bit and add more mint. Wintertime mint stash here in the north has been pretty meagre so I was being stingy on this round, but it really needs more of a fresh hit.
And that, my friends, is my epic birthday cake fail! I was trying to bake a chocolate bundt cake tonight in celebration of Dr. B’s birthday. But when I went to turn it out onto the cooling rack, the whole thing collapsed into the puddle of chocolate shards you see before you. Not sure what I did but it was pretty hilarious. Still tasted good with a snifter of bourbon regardless!