Got to hit a round on Boxing Day! Snuck on to the course with the six other fellas who had the same idea. Might have been my last hits for 2021 but if this weather holds out, I may get a few more rounds in before 2022. Either way, it has been a solid year of improvement for my golf game. I went from the pits of despair and frustration to being able to hit the ball with some consistency. Still have a long way to go in developing my overall game but am enjoying the process, which ultimately, is the goal. That, and to play on the senior LPGA tour. Kidding, kidding. It’s to enjoy the process (sort of).

Willett Distillery was one of our favorite discoveries during our trip to Louisville last week. I used their Old Bardstown Bourbon, which is a blend of their bourbon line, to mix up these riffs on the Seelbach Hotel’s Minted Gold. I couldn’t find a recipe online, so used this approximation: 50 ml bourbon, 20 ml apple juice, 1 tsp honey simple syrup, 80 ml ginger beer, mint. Next time I think I will bump up the honey simple syrup a bit and add more mint. Wintertime mint stash here in the north has been pretty meagre so I was being stingy on this round, but it really needs more of a fresh hit.
And that, my friends, is my epic birthday cake fail! I was trying to bake a chocolate bundt cake tonight in celebration of Dr. B’s birthday. But when I went to turn it out onto the cooling rack, the whole thing collapsed into the puddle of chocolate shards you see before you. Not sure what I did but it was pretty hilarious. Still tasted good with a snifter of bourbon regardless!