A friend loaned us her canoe for the summer (THANK YOU KC!!!) so we took it out for a pilot spin at the nearby pond, a.k.a. Fish Lake. JB, being a native Vermonter, scoffs at the Michigan proclivity for naming our various inland puddles with the more grandiose designation of lake. So Fish Pond it is! It will be a lot of fun exploring our local watering holes this summer!

After Min declared Sundays as “No Smoke Sundays” (apparently we were smoking food too frequently for his liking LOL) we decided to try and thematize other nights of the week. We came up with “Wacky Wednesdays,” for which we stuffed a jar full of paper strips labeled with an ingredient, method of cooking, or region of cooking. Each Wednesday, our plan is to cook up a 3-course meal based on that week’s paper strip.

The inaugural paper strip pulled was “Greece.” So we pulled the Greek cookbook I had bought 20-plus years ago and had never used from the shelf, and made hummous, a baked yogurt chicken dish, and yogurt and honey to close the meal. JB found a lovely Greek cocktail recipe that tasted like a mix between a mojito and a bee’s knees. Next week’s Wacky Wednesday: milk. JB’s taking the dessert course this time around. Min and I will have to decide who gets the starter and who gets the entree…stay tuned!