October is “Cent-sational”!!!

Well, dear Ash Street, I woke up this morning to discover Barclay had had a bout of diarrhea last night, sometime between 12:30am when he went out for the last time, and 7:30am this morning which is when he typically is let out.  It’s the first time he’s done that since we’ve had him andContinue reading “October is “Cent-sational”!!!”

September Challenge: Taming the Pantry!

Dear Prairie Ave, Well, it’s been five weeks since we started this Clear The Pantry challenge. And I have to report, I’ve gone over….extended to a fifth week. Because that’s how bad things were. I know the photo can’t capture it, because I forgot to take the before pic (actually, my phone ran out ofContinue reading “September Challenge: Taming the Pantry!”

We took an impromptu roadtrip to DC over Memorial Day weekend and although it wasn’t the main purpose behind the trip, we did stuff ourselves full of tasty treats throughout, like fresh handmade pasta at Sfoglina Pasta House, crackling baguette sandwiches from Bread Furst, an icy cold frosé/margarita blend at Tonic and coffee and snacksContinue reading