We took an impromptu roadtrip to DC over Memorial Day weekend and although it wasn’t the main purpose behind the trip, we did stuff ourselves full of tasty treats throughout, like fresh handmade pasta at Sfoglina Pasta House, crackling baguette sandwiches from Bread Furst, an icy cold frosé/margarita blend at Tonic and coffee and snacks at Little Red Fox. But by far and away our favorite stop was at Bete for Ethiopian in Silver Springs, MD. It’s something we don’t have easy access to in these here parts and I feel like I am in a constant state of longing for injera and misir wot after leaving my beloved Ethiopian Diamond back in Chicago those many moons ago. Upon our return to the non-Chicago Middle West, I’ve been fermenting a bowl of teff and have ordered a big shiny silver platter to spread my homemade injera on. If all goes well, I’m hoping I’ll have some pictures to share!

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