The last flight Dr. B and I took before the pandemic hit last year was to Philadelphia to watch Villanova play Seton Hall. Every visit to Philly requires a stop at Reading Terminal for a roast pork sandwich at Tommy DiNic’s, and this visit was no different. Flash forward to this past February, when I discovered DiNic’s shipped on Goldbelly! We celebrated with an epic ode to Philadelphia meal, pairing our sandwiches with a cold bottle of Yuengling. One month later, craving those sandwiches but reconsidering their hefty (although totally worth it and legit) prices, I tried replicating it on my own based on some internet recipes. On the whole, the experience was a success. The bread was the biggest difference, but that was to be expected. The jus from the rosemary, fennel, oregano rub seemed really close, although next time I need to make sure I don’t accidentally char the onions as everything got really dark.

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