One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is heading over to my friend Jess’s family home and pounding down Christmas cookies while catching up with everyone around the dining room table. This year, of course, that tradition has to be on hold, and so I decided that for the first time ever, I would try baking the peanut butter blossoms and frosted sugar cookies on my own. Guess what I discovered? I’m a way more accomplished consumer of these cookies than I am a producer of them. My first attempt at the sugar cookies were a disaster. I need to regroup before I try those again. And these peanut butter blossoms, while a bit closer to the platonic ideal, still aren’t quite “right.” But then, I realize that “right” in this case is getting to eat them while sitting at the Ford-Pointon dining room table, with Liam and Jasper wandering in and out of the room; Eileen cadging Meg’s Facebook account to show us pictures; Allan mixing us g&ts; Jake, Henry and their significant others joining us; and getting to catch up with Jess who I won’t have seen now, for over a year.

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