For this week’s Wacky Wednesday recipe, we tried making Korean fried chicken. I was super disappointed in this recipe which produced a fried chicken bearing no real resemblance to the dish I was hoping to create. For me, the ur-version of Korean chicken resides in Mad for Chicken’s crispy, sweet, spicy version, which almost seems related to mattang, a candied sweet potato snack they sell in Seoul. Both the mattang and the Korean fried chicken should have a crackling initial snap when you bite through the surface, where the hard candied shell seems to splinter before you hit the steaming hot interior, whether it’s chicken or sweet potato. The New York Times version did none of those things. But I should have been suspicious from the get-go when the recipe included ketchup. D’oh! Forehead slap! Why oh why did I stray from the trusted Maangchi? Her recipe looks way more legit. The great thing about cooking is I can always try again, so at some point this winter, I’ll have to do a Korean fried chicken redux.

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