This week’s Wacky Wednesday dinner was an homage to Vermont. I baked these gluten-free Cabot cheddar biscuits pictured above. We were out of eggs and so I subbed in vegetable oil, and guess what?!? They tasted…very bad. So we ended up pitching them. But dinner itself was delish: we had a variety of maple cream and Vermont-made jams on toast, and JB smoked a ten pound ham with a maple glaze. We had mashed potatoes and steamed carrots as sides. Neither involved maple or cheddar but were tasty nonetheless. We now have a very large surplus of ham (10 lbs was the smallest size Meijer had) and so are hunting for ways to put it to good use. JB has a delicious-smelling bean and ham soup in the Instant Pot going right now, and I’m guessing there are ham sandwiches and quiches and casseroles in our future. The ham will just keep on giving.

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