We forgot to take pictures for last week’s Wacky Wednesday meal, so I wanted to make sure we uploaded at least one from this week. Last week’s theme was “Grill” so it wasn’t the very wackiest of Wednesdays, hence our forgetting to photograph it I’m guessing. We made toasted cheese squares to start (wrapped in foil and popped on the grill), chicken with chimichurri sauce for the entree, and these disastrously bad, chicken-infused grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream for dessert (next time will grill the fruit FIRST lol). This week’s theme was “Cuba.” JB mixed up this lovely El Presidente cocktail (which we both agreed while beautiful looking, tasted very bland), Cubano sandwiches based on Roy Choi’s for the movie Chef, and plantain chips. The Cubanos were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! Definitely a recipe keeper. Next weeks’ Wacky Wednesday: Vermont! JB’s home turf! Recipe ideas welcome!!!

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