During the academic year 2008-2009, chances are you would catch NB and I chowing down on a tofu scramble for Sunday brunch at the Crow’s Nest. It was my favorite thing to order there, but I would never think of making it at home. Growing up in a Korean kitchen, tofu was a staple of home cooking, but solely for Korean-specific dishes. Putting tofu into a “Western”-style breakfast just didn’t compute, and so the breakfast tofu scramble stayed decidedly restaurant fare for me.

But then, NB introduced me to Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s version from her book, Isa Does It! during our snow-pocalypse New Year’s Eve celebration in Traverse City, and the recipe opened a door. There was something about squishing the tofu with my bare hands into small scrambly bits that released the Korean tofu grip on my Asian-fusion-resistant culinary soul, and I have let a little Western tofu cookery wander in.

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  1. Absolutely some of my favorite times were spent over those Crow’s Nest scrambles. We figured out a lot of life during those brunches!


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