Wow, check out these beauties from the Victorian Bakery!!! Twelve summers ago, A and I moved to town about two weeks apart. We sat next to each other at the fall faculty orientation and had a spat about whether we believed people could or could not change. That set the tone for the next twelve years, where the two of us have loved nothing more than to debate an idea to death, fly down conversational rabbit holes, and basically just enjoy jawing off to one another about all matters large and small. A introduced me to the Victorian Bakery, which originally was run out of the basement of a home in the neighborhood we both were living in at the time. The smell of warm dough would waft out of there when you’d walk by in the mornings. A told me that if you called a day ahead, they would bake you this amazing
chocolate double-layer cake. Finding this out was one of those special little secret things that I liked so much about living in this city.

A loves chocolate cake (for a long time he said it was the only thing he knew how to make), and would occasionally call them up and order one to eat, piece by piece, throughout the week. So for the past couple of years, I have tried to remember to order him a Victorian Bakery chocolate cake for his birthday. But given that this year we’re celebrating socially-distantly, I also threw in a last-minute order for a few cupcakes for JB, Min and I to enjoy while sitting across the yard from A. Couldn’t believe how pretty they were when I opened the box, so had to post a pic of them here! A absolutely abhors any kind of photographs and social media so I won’t post the awesome photo I have of him with the cake. But A, if you’re reading this:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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